Savages / T.I.W.Y.G.




この新曲は来年1月にリリース予定の2作目となるアルバム『Adore Life』に収録予定の楽曲となっており、相変わらずの切れ味鋭いポスト・パンク的なアプローチが前面に出ております。


また、先に先月公開されたいた同じく新作からの新曲「The Answer」もチェックを。

アルバムは前作と同様Vo.のJehnny Beth(ジェニー・ベス)と共にPop Noire Recordsを立ち上げたJohnny Hostileがプロデュースを手掛けたそう。

It’s about change and the power to change.
It’s about metamorphosis and evolution.
It’s about sticking to your guns and toughing it out.
It’s about now, not tomorrow.
It’s about recognizing your potential.
It’s about self-doubt and inaction.
It’s about you. It’s about me.
It’s about you and me and the others.
It’s about the choices we make.
It’s about finding the poetry and avoiding the cliché.
It’s about being the solution, not the problem.
It’s about showing weakness to be strong.
It’s about digging through your dirt to look for diamonds.
It’s about claiming your right to think unacceptable thoughts.
It’s about boredom and the things we do to drive it away.
It’s about being on your own so you can be with people.
It’s about knowing what it means to be human and what it might mean one day.
It’s about the parts and the sum of the parts.
It’s about the music and the message: together, one and the same.
It’s about bass, guitars, drums, and vocals.
It’s about opening-out and never, ever dying. But most of all it’s about love, every kind of love. Love is the answer.

Savages 『Adore Life』
Release Date:2016.1/22
01 “The Answer”
02 “Evil”
03 “Sad Person”
04 “Adore”
05 “I Need Something New”
06 “Slowing Down The World”
07 “When In Love”
08 “Surrender”
09 “T.I.W.Y.G.”
10 “Mechanics”

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